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Soul Retrieval


During this session, your soul parts or self parts that stepped aside during trauma are brought back.  This can produce dramatic healing.

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FAQs for Private Sessions

Q: What is Shamanism?  
Shamanism is a set of ancient techniques that can help heal abuse, depression, anxiety, accidents, divorce, and other traumas. When other therapies aren't working, a session of shamanic healing therapy can create a breakthrough. A spiritual counselor who uses shamanism engages your spiritual guides and can be very effective in developing spiritual gifts and abilities. This could be called spiritual healing because the spiritual team does the work, not the practitioners.

Q: What happens in a session?  
In a session, the practitioner calls on her spiritual allies to connect the client with her spiritual team.  That strengthens the person's life force, or chi.  Then, she removes any energetic blocks. Finally, the practitioner brings back those soul parts, or self parts, that stepped aside during trauma.  In psychology, that is called dissociating. Traditional peoples had safe and efficient way of getting those parts back called soul retrieval.

Q: What's the difference between a private session and a workshop? How do I know what's best for me?
In a private session you will receive a personal healing removing energetic blocks and bringing back missing parts of yourself or soul retrieval. In a workshop, you'll learn basic shamanic skills. If you are not sure what is right for you, send me a message and we will discuss it.

Q: Can you give an example?
If a client has had a heart ache, chances are there is a block in the heart center. Once removed, the person can feel more peaceful.




FAQs for Workshops

What is the purpose of Jill's  workshops?
The purpose is to develop your shamanic skills so you can be your own shaman, so you can access your own inner wisdom, healing and support for your family, friends and yourself.

What happens in a workshop?
Jill welcomes everyone and explains the objectives of that particular workshop. After people have introduced themselves, she established sacred space with drumming and calling in spiritual allies. She invites participants to do several journeys, or guided meditations, to connect with their spiritual teams. In shamanism, it is the spiritual team that does the work. Each workshop has a specific focus like extraction, house clearing, or soul retrieval.

What does Jill bring to her trainings? With more than 45 years of leading workshops from New York City to Alaska, to California,  in rural and urban settings, both small and large, Jill brings her vast experience to each workshop. She is warm and fun, yet clear and concise.
What distinguishes Jill's workshops from others?
Jill's workshops are small so people receive personal coaching and feedback.  Participants have fun in a safe and friendly environment with loads of practice.

Who should attend?  
The workshops are for well, mature people who want to develop spiritually and develop their inner abilities. The work is not a substitute for therapy, but folks do experience therapeutic value.

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