shamanic healing therapy soul retrieval

Soul Retrieval Session

During this session, your soul parts or self parts that stepped aside during trauma are brought back.  This can produce dramatic healing.

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shamanic healing therapy past life

Past Life Session

In addition to learning about your past lives, you will have a session so you can visit your past lives and learn more.  This can give you an expanded experience of yourself.

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shamanic healing therapy inner garden

Creating your Inner Garden and Spiritual Team

During this workshop you will create your own inner garden and spiritual team using guided visualization so you can learn to calm yourself and gain power, protection and support.


What clients say...

"I wish all my clients could work with Jill because her work can get six months’ worth of therapy done in a session or two."  - Barbara Churchill, Nutrition Counselor.

“Jill has a depth of knowledge and the ability to bring the skills she is teaching to life making learning more meaningful and fun.” ~ Katie Easterwood, LCSW

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