You Are Not your Problem

I am delighted to announce that my new book, You Are Not Your Problem, is available!

Is it for you? Here are some questions to ask yourself.

Have you ever felt crushed by your problems, or entangled by your problems?
Have your problems ever made you sick or at least upset?
Do you know people who think their problem is a part of them, like a full time victim?

This little book helps you shift from feeling under your problems to feeling more empowered to solve them.

You Are Not Your Problem is a 40-page illustrated book designed to lift your sprits while you help yourself untangle from your problems. A great Christmas gift, or companion to therapy, or self-help book, it is written in simple, straight-forward language so anyone can understand it. The charming drawings communicate the concepts clearly.

How did this book come about? My parents could transform the everyday into play. Dad floated flowers in the toilet on birthdays. Mom played music to dust by on the piano to inspire us to do chores. As a result, I love to learn especially if it's fun. I designed this book not only to make you smile but to help you see yourself, your friends and family. Kris's drawings gave my story, that I wrote 30 years ago, charm and character; and made it easy for even children to understand. I hope it helps you untangle yourself while it brings a smile to your lips.


Alternative Healing Beyond Recovery

Need to take the next step in your recovery from abuse or an alcoholic family? Ready to try sound, research-based alternative techniques? In Alternative Healing Beyond Recovery for the Genius you will find the answers you need!

“Jill has a depth of knowledge and the ability to bring the skills she is teaching to life making learning more meaningful and fun.”

Katie Easterwood, LCSW


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