Book Cover - Tams Lessons - A Fairy Tale For All Beings by Jill Raiguel, MFT

My new book, TAM'S LESSONS (Book 2 in Series)


I’m thrilled to announce my new book, Tam’sLessons, A Fairy Tale for All Beings, 174 pages with charming illustrations, is now available on It will Lift your spirit and warm your heart. Tam, transformed into a human this time, is assigned as the fourth substitute teacher with a class, well, let’s just say the class is a challenge. Will she succeed? To find out, order your copy.

        Read this charming story to your kids or your grandkids, or to kids at heart. When you do, please write a review on


I felt like I was being bathed in a world of caring, sharing and the power of being truthful. Tam's lessons are important for all of us humans, no matter our age. The imagery was brilliantly done and I delighted in the artistry of the author's knowledge of flowers. People of all ages should find this book worth reading.

--Sandy Golnick

PROLOGUE (partial)

        A stiff breeze blew through the Grand Meadow and indeed through the whole FairyKingdom. The giant everlastings stood proud as if waiting for something special.  Even the sipping birds rustled their blue/black feathers and looked Tam's way as she approached.
        Tam flew slowly to the Grand Meadow's Center and yelled, in a very un-fairy like manner,"I'll take the assignment, Great Fairy."
        Hearing those tinkling bells, Tam looked around. The Great Fairy drew near her and she floated up to Tam.
        The GreatFairy said softly, "No need to yell, I'm right here."
        "Greetings, Great Fairy. I'm a bit nervous," Tam said.
       The GreatFairy answered, "That's very human. Humans are often nervous when they are starting something new. Are you ready?"

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Book Cover - Tams Journey A Fairy Tale For All Beings by Jill Raiguel, MFT

TAM'S JOURNEY (Book 1 in Series)


I woke up on a Saturday morning 25 years ago with the words, "Pam's Charge," in my head. My inner voice corrected me, No, Tam's charge. Who's Tam and what's a charge? I wanted to know.

For the next few weeks I simply wrote what I saw and what I heard in my head.  I thought here's a short story, but no, 150 plus pages later I had a novel. And, now it has illustrations.  Here's a taste:

A charge, as everyone knows, is a human that a fairy watches over. Fairies offer love and encouragement; no fairy would ever interfere or judge her charge.  But Tam did. And that is where our story the kitchen of Tam's charge.

"I can't face this mess," the charge groaned just staring at the dirty dishes piled in the sink.  Then the human shuffled into the dining room and sank into the oak chair.  She shook her head in despair accidentally dumping Tam from her left shoulder.

Tam scrambled back up to her left shoulder position and exploded, "Honestly, ungrateful human.  She IS a mess! She's as stupid as an elf."    

Tam had no loving support to offer as other fairies would.  She crossed her arms over the fairy chest in frustration, letting a little hum go though her wings. Completely unaware that her charge was ready to burst into tears, Tam began examining her wings. She was acting very un-fairy-like, she was not practicing her Fairy Fundamentals.  In fact, Tam was in deep trouble for her horrid behavior.

As Anna Trumbo, said, "I read Tam when I was 11 years old, and it was my favorite book.  I'm 34 now. I read all the time, and it's still my favorite book."

If you'd like to join Tam and her fairy friends on their adventures, you'll find my first book in the Fairy Fundamental Series: Tam's Journey: A Fairy Tale forAll Beings on

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Book Cover - You Are Not Your Problem

You Are Not your Problem

I am delighted to announce that my new book, You Are Not Your Problem, is available!

Is it for you? Here are some questions to ask yourself.

Have you ever felt crushed by your problems, or entangled by your problems?
Have your problems ever made you sick or at least upset?
Do you know people who think their problem is a part of them, like a full time victim?

This little book helps you shift from feeling under your problems to feeling more empowered to solve them.

You Are Not Your Problem is a 40-page illustrated book designed to lift your sprits while you help yourself untangle from your problems. A great Christmas gift, or companion to therapy, or self-help book, it is written in simple, straight-forward language so anyone can understand it. The charming drawings communicate the concepts clearly.

How did this book come about? My parents could transform the everyday into play. Dad floated flowers in the toilet on birthdays. Mom played music to dust by on the piano to inspire us to do chores. As a result, I love to learn especially if it's fun. I designed this book not only to make you smile but to help you see yourself, your friends and family. Kris's drawings gave my story, that I wrote 30 years ago, charm and character; and made it easy for even children to understand. I hope it helps you untangle yourself while it brings a smile to your lips.

Book Cover - Alternative Healing Beyond Recovery

Alternative Healing Beyond Recovery

Need to take the next step in your recovery from abuse or an alcoholic family? Ready to try sound, research-based alternative techniques? In Alternative Healing Beyond Recovery for the Genius you will find the answers you need!

“Jill has a depth of knowledge and the ability to bring the skills she is teaching to life making learning more meaningful and fun.”

Katie Easterwood, LCSW


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