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February 13, 2023

Without realizing it, I did soul retrieval long before meeting Hank Wesselman. (Hank Wesselman was an American anthropologist known primarily for his Spiritwalker trilogy of spiritual memoirs. He died in 2021.)

I did my first one on my own dad, Phil Raiguel, 20 years before I started my formal shamanic training. He had had an accident and had tohave surgery. Even though he was recovering, he still couldn't get out of bedto go to the bathroom. His doctors couldn't figure out why.  I just asked him, "Dad, why can't you get out of bed?"

        He said very matter-of-factly, "I see Phil Raiguel,  Abel Raiguel, and Baker Raiguel; which one is real one?"

        His doctors thought he was hallucinating; I thought he's out of his body. So, I said to Dad:

        "Let's put you on like a coat," as I brushed down his arms and legs, and brushed up the front of his body. It took only a few minutes. He swung his legs over the side of the bed, went into the bathroom and peed in the sink.  He came back and fell asleep; he doesn't recall  any of that, but I certainly do.

        Looking back, I realized he'd been knocked out of his body when he fell in the street and cracked his head. I created a way for him to get fully back into his body.  And it worked.

        With all this and the previous experiences as prelude, I was ready for shamanism.

        "We all have a natural ability to vision. It is in our DNA," as Dr. Hank Wesselman stated in many of his trainings that I attended from 2001 to 2015.  Only some, however, are called to be a shaman practitioner.  During my first training with Hank in 2001, my inner shamanic program turned on.

        To learn basic shamanic skills does not take long, but it does take years of training to work professionally with people.  I make this statement because some folks may try to be "weekend wonders," thinking they can learn some techniques and practice. That takes years of training and discipline.

        In this chapter I explore why shamanism has become so popular and what issues have benefited from it. Then, I list some qualities and requirements to look for if you want to find a competent, caring shamanic practitioner.



        Why has shamanism become so popular?  Even though we in the West have been highly successful in producing goods and technology, we have not developed our spiritual aspect.  Because shamanism can be fast, powerful and does not have any side effects, people recognize its value. We are hungry for spiritual food that shamanism can provide.

        Bev - "After a shamanic workshop with Jill, I just wanted to hang out in that deep state.  It was so nourishing. I was at peace."

        Reena - "I went to church every Sunday growing up; I was married in the church.  But I never felt close to God.  When I journey, I feel so connected to him. Often I'm moved to tears."

        Carla - I drum regularly mostly for myself, but sometimes for friends. I'm so glad to be able to help them. There are times I feel at one with all life."

         Meditation, yoga, spiritual retreats, offer communing with spirit and access to the spirit realms. However, shamanism gives you direct access to your own higher self and spiritual team so you gain information, heal yourself, remove blocks, gather power, and recover lost soul parts...and develop spiritually.



        As I gathered my ideas for this section, I listed various problems and issues that my shamanic team has addressed and gave some examples of successes. These include issues that are stuck and do not respond to other treatments as well as depression, addictions, mental illness, abuse, accidents, surgeries, cancer, and PTSD.  I also discuss spiritual development that has occurred along the way in my life and in the lives of others.  


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