How Light Columns Came About

February 13, 2023


I still remember feeling a powerful energy course between us as my friend and I stood in the New Jersey swamps putting in a light column. That was 35 years ago. We were taught to install permanent healing columns of light in the Earth, according my Reiki master’s instructions. That process required two people,  standing in the exact location where the column was to go. Then, in l986, before the bicentennial celebration for the Statue of Liberty, I received guidance to put in eight light columns around New York City. I didn’t know what was possible, but I trusted Spirit had a larger vision than I could  imagine. After hiking all over the city to install those columns, I went into meditation and saw spirit connect the columns creating a web. The bicentennial weekend when millions of people poured into the city, there were no muggings, no robberies, no murders, no violence of any kind. The local news even reported this unusual phenomenon for New York. To me, that was a very clear confirmation that our light work had made a concrete difference. 

My Initiation

In 2006, while in meditation I received a spontaneous initiation that enabled me to install light columns anywhere in the world. Although I was deeply grateful, I immediately began asking how I was to teach or transfer this light to others. During the next several months my team gave me instructions. 

I first taught a colleague of mine who is an outstanding clairvoyant and who is also trained in Egyptian healing techniques. After my colleague watched me several times, she also confirmed my suspicion that the initiation I had received was indeed Egyptian, and she confirmed that I was building light columns and putting them in long distance. That’s very good news because that means one person can install light columns in the polar ice caps, the oceans, major cities, polluted rivers, anywhere. I trained a small group, and the light workshop was born. I have conducted workshops across the US and on the phone. I also taught light work at the Society for Shamanic Practitioners Conference in Santa Fe, New Mexico, May 2008. To date, Light Columnists have installed over 9,000,000 light columns around the world.

Observed Outcomes

Although we cannot prove what the results of installing light columns are, we have seen strong indicators of the effects of light column work. We installed a field of light columns in the Gulf of Mexico before Hurricane Dean; when Dean hit the coast as a Hurricane 5, it died remarkably quickly.  We’ve installed light columns in and around the Darfur region and in refugee camps; the LA Times reported that Doctors without Borders closed a Darfur hospital because the number of patients who suffered wounds from violence has decreased dramatically. Although a violent hurricane season was predicted for 2009 in the US, with the installation of light columns none did the vast damage that Katrina or Rita did. We installed columns along the China coast and in the China Sea before the huge typhoon; although the storm hit, it did not do the massive damage to life and property that was predicted

There are light columns in Antarctica; the LA Times reported October 20, 2007, that the ozone hole over the area has reduced by 16%. The Southeastern US in 2007 was in a serious drought; a field of light columns has been placed throughout the region. The Weather Channel reported October 22, 2007, that 2 to 5 inches of rain has fallen over Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama and some of Georgia. We have installed columns for economic stability during the recession and columns for peace during demonstrations. Are these results from light columns?  We cannot be sure, but Spirit tells me that the light work, “Helps anchor and in some cases resets the Earth’s etheric pattern so the Earth can heal itself.”

Christ Light Columns

In March 2010, my colleague and I were initiated with the Christ light; and we were taught how to install Light Columns using this Christ light or Christ consciousness. This is a love vibration that expands the initiate's heart chakra to be open to giving and receiving more love. Christ Light columns, we were told, bring in that love vibration wherever we install them on the planet. One person has reported feeling an explosion of love in her heart after her initiation.

The Weather Channel reports that hurricane season in 2010 is predicted to be severe. July 1, 2010, Christ Light columns were installed in the Gulf of Mexico near Texas and Mexico especially at the mouth of the Rio Grande River. The Weather Channel reported July 2, 2010, that Hurricane Alex, a Class 4 hurricane, made landfall and "fell apart."  

Other Light Techniques

In addition to basic light columns, spirit has taught us how to install light curtains; light columns in the trees; a regeneration process, and light water blankets for fires. When groups of light columnists get together, we often use these techniques to work on healing global issues such as earthquakes, floods, fires as well as man-made tragedies like mass shootings and planes crashes. As practitioners, we find that light columns "lighten up" the land so spirit helpers can help where dark energy has stagnated. All life can be revitalized. There are now nine initiated light column instructors in the US who can teach light column work.  

The importance Of Light Columns

The Hopi, Maya, traditional Peruvians, and Polynesians have long predicted that during these years, right now, humankind is making a great leap in consciousness. This is also a critical time to heal our planet; however, the window to clean up our pollution is getting smaller. My spiritual team tells me that this work assists in both these efforts.

One Earth Guardian spirit told me, “Where there are light columns, the Earth can sing again. That means light columns raise the Earth's vibration; they help release curses and toxins in the land; they help return the Earth to her natural state that is in harmony with all life.” Although I am careful not to make any claims, this same spirit told me, “Weather can be calmed, great sadness and angers in the Earth can be healed.”

The columns anchor the Earth’s energetic pattern. Once a person is trained, he or she can install a light column in two minutes. The process not only raises the Earth's vibration but the practitioner's as well. It has become part of my spiritual practice. If it calls to you, I hope it will be a part of yours. With great joy, I am honored to share this work with any open-hearted person.


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