Soul Retrieval: Getting Yourself Back

February 13, 2023

Are you depressed or apathetic? Do you have a habit or pattern that has not cleared up? Do you find yourself saying, I am just not myself? Are you stuck in one area of your life?  Nothing seems to help. Do you feel like your spirit has died?

These can all be indications of “soul loss,” or self-loss, a technique that is part of shamanism. Usually just a few sessions, the process takes about an hour.  During the session, conducted in a very safe and gentle manner, the life force is strengthened, energy blocks are removed, and the soul is called back. You should plan to take the rest of the day off to integrate and nurture yourself. Sessions can be done long distance. I have done over 2000 sessions over the last 13 year years. Even though I have been a brief issue-oriented therapist for 36 years, I have found shamanism to be faster and more effective.

I had a “soul loss’ after a severe car accident. A few months later my mother died; ten days after that my uncle passed away; 15 months later dad died after heart surgery. Needless to say, the shock and multiple losses overwhelmed me.

Even though I had tried other traditional and non-traditional modalities, I was not getting better.      Six years later, I was not myself. I felt apathetic, I lost my enthusiasm, I didn’t feel like ME.I learned these are symptoms of what traditional medicine men and women call “soul loss.” Many times after a trauma, car accident, surgery, or loss, part of our life essence leaves as a survival strategy. Although sometimes it comes back, often it does not.

In a workshop with Dr. Hank Wesselman, his wife, Jill Kuykendall, soul retrieval practitioner, I recognized that part of my soul had checked out. During a healing process under their masterful guidance, my “lost soul” returned.  I felt joyous and deeply grateful but a little skeptical. However, a few days later I noticed I was singing and humming to myself. A longtime friend said, “You are so excited, I haven’t heard that excitement in your voice in years.” People comment I look younger, lighter. I feel like I’ve had a spiritual B12 shot.        

Since then I have been trained in the “soul retrieval,” and started seeing clients. This process, usually one session, provides a method for bringing spiritually “missing pieces” back, for healing the dissociation from shocking loss, traumatic rape or abuse, a devastating divorce, or even the aftermath of wartime battle. Having a strong life force can empower whatever other healing or growth work a person may do. As with any healing process, the results vary from person to person, but it can be life-changing.


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